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We have noticed a “fake news” regarding Pakistan and Israel relations, attributed to the Foreign Minister, allegedly released by “Express News.” This news, circulating on the internet, was retweeted by a journalist, Mr. Umer Cheema. We got in touch with him, and he informed us that after realising that it was fake news, he had deleted his tweet. Express news has also informed us that it was a fake news item, as all news items released by them have the news link posted alongwith the news.

It is expected that Mr Cheema may also inform his followers that it was “fake news” and we hope and expect that all people, especially journalists, would be more careful in retweeting such malicious content.

We are asking the Ministries of Interior and Information to look into accounts generating such false news and to take appropriate action against them, as per the law.


12 November 2018

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