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(2017-12-31) In response to media queries regarding the participation of the Palestinian Ambassador in a public meeting held in support of Palestinians, the spokesperson said that Pakistan’s unambiguous and steadfast support to the Palestinian cause was well known. Pakistan has always supported the two state solution, with East Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian State. Pakistan’s unequivocal position was demonstrated in the rejection of the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

Since then a number of public rallies and meetings have been held in Pakistan. The Ambassador of Palestine has participated in many of these meetings. The public meeting held yesterday was yet another demonstration of the Pakistani strong sentiments in support of the Palestinian cause. This public rally was attended by thousands of people from all walks of life. More than 50 speakers addressed the rally, including Hafiz Saeed. Contrary to the impression being created, UN proscription does not place any restrictions on the freedom of expression.

The people and Government of Pakistan respect the Palestinian Ambassador’s active participation in events organized to express solidarity with the people of Palestine.


30 December 2017

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