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Respected Community Members,

As you are aware, in order to facilitate overseas Pakistanis, National Database Registration Authority of Pakistan (NADRA) has been issuing Pakistani National Identity Cards, Pakistan Origin Cards and Family Registration Certificates online at the following link:

The Embassy would like to inform that children of Pakistani nationals, who are born in Viet Nam or Laos (or in any other foreign country) from foreign spouses, are entitled to get Pakistan Origin Card, which would give them the facility of travelling to Pakistan without obtaining visas. You can apply for Pakistan Origin Cards for your children through the link given above.

Further, for getting any of the aforementioned documents, you don’t have to go through any agent or middle man. You can open your own account on the above link and apply for these services. The documents issued will be sent to your current residence address.

Please beware of any agents/middlemen who are out to con you for your hard-earned money. Please let NADRA know if you come across any such agent.

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