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The Alpine Club of Mexico (known in Spanish as “Club Alpino Mexicano”), in collaboration with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Mexico, arranged a special mountaineering expedition from 13-14 January, 2017 to the highest peak in Mexico called Citlaltepetl (also known famously as ‘Pico de Orizaba’ in Spanish or Peak of Orizaba) at a height of 18,491 feet. The expedition was dedicated to Pakistan – Mexico friendship and named as “Hermandad Alpina Mexico – Pakistan” (Pakistan Mexico Alpine Brotherhood). On the invitation of Mr. Jose Aguayo Estrada, President of the Mexican Alpine Club Mr. Tasawar Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan to Mexico also joined the expedition till the base camp.

The expedition was preceded by a flag exchanging ceremony hosted by Mr. Juan Navarro, Mayor of Chalchicomula de Sesna in the city of Cerdan. The Pakistan flag was presented by the Ambassador to the leader of the expedition to be flown at the summit.

The expedition was part of Embassy’s efforts to enhance cultural cooperation between Pakitan and Mexico. The Embassy has been consistently working with the Mexican Alpine Club for the last few years to promote mountaineering and trekking opportunities offered by Northern Areas of Pakistan. Many Mexican mountaineers have availed of these opportunities in the past. The Embassy is currently also working with the Alpine Club for further enhancement and diversification of the cooperation by finalization of an institutional framework.

15 January 2018

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