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 “First and foremost, there is a dire need for Pakistani Canadians to get involved in mainstream Canada to work on the issues affecting them in their adopted land”, said High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan in an interview with Jimmy Hassan, host of Community Voices on TV Cogeco, Kingston.

He said that the Community organisations can bring entire diversity together to address serious issues facing the community at large and promote understating and positive relations through seminars, conventions and cultural events.

While appreciating role of Pakistani Canadian Association, Kingston, he said that it is important for the Community to promote involvement of Pakistani Canadians in the mainstream by understanding issues facing the community through meetings, cultural exchanges and interactions and to build a lasting bridge between Pakistan and Canada.

On relations between Pakistan and Canada, the High Commissioner said that both the countries are enjoying friendly relations and cooperating on issues of mutual interests. He said that the volume of trade between the two countries has almost doubled during the last two years but there exists great potential of enhancing trade relations between the two countries. He informed that the Commerce Minister of Pakistan will be visiting Ottawa next month for meetings with the Canadian officials to explore areas of mutual concerns.

In reply to a question about how Community can contribute to the Canadian Society, the High Commissioner said that the Community needs to devise a strategy to introduce our rich and diverse cultural values to the Canadians and to promote understanding and goodwill for our Community and social values.

In reply to a question regarding President Trump’s tweet, the High Commissioner said that Pakistan does not need aid but it expects from the international community, recognition of its immense sacrifices in terms of human lives and financial costs the country has suffered in war on terrorism since 2001. He said that Pakistan is home to 200 million resilient people and it has robust and strong defense capability to thwart any aggression.

Ottawa, Canada
January 16, 2018

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