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On the occasion of the third International Conference on Nuclear Security (ICONS) organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna on 10-14 February 2020, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a booklet on “Pakistan’s Nuclear Security Regime”. This step is part of Pakistan’s practice to share information on the measures taken to further strengthen nuclear security and to demonstrate the high-level attention that nuclear security continues to receive in Pakistan.

Copies of the booklet are being distributed among the participants of the ICONS.

Pakistan has established a comprehensive and effective national nuclear security regime which is at par with international standards and guidelines. The regime is based on an extensive legislative and regulatory framework governing the security of nuclear materials, radioactive substances, associated facilities and activities. This is backed by strong institutions and organizations with the requisite authorities, resources and trained manpower for effective implementation. Our affiliated institutes at Centre of Excellence on nuclear security have transformed into an international hub for imparting training and sharing best practices in the area of nuclear security. Pakistan’s nuclear security arrangements have been recognized at the international level by several high ranking officials and experts.

The booklet is the second version of “Pakistan’s Nuclear Security Regime”, which was first published in form of a brochure on the sidelines of the second International Conference on Nuclear Security organized by the IAEA in 2016.


10 February 2020

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