The News in its online edition has misquoted the Foreign Minister’s interview aired this morning with a false headline.

In his interview, the Foreign Minister had clearly stated that the whole world was grappling with the coronavirus outbreak, the scale of the pandemic was higher in some countries. The Government of Pakistan was actively engaged through a broad set of policies to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country, including strengthening our capacity for screening and quarantine.

On the question of “lockdown”, the Prime Minister has articulated the perspective very clearly. It is important to understand that any such decision on this count will have to be balanced against its economic impact on the vulnerable segments of the society and the continued supply of essential items. Each country has a different context and environment in which decisions are taken. The Government will also take decisions keeping the entire socio-economic context of Pakistan in view. Since this is an evolving situation, the Government would be reviewing it regularly.

We wish to underline that in this challenging time which the whole nation is collectively facing, accurate reporting is the need of the hour.


1 April 2020

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