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The Embassy of Pakistan in Dushanbe, Tajikistan today organized an event to commemorate the Kashmiri Martyrs Day on the occasion of 89th Youm Shuhada -e- Kashmir.

The day marked 89th anniversary of the 22 Kashmiri martyrs who were killed by the Dogra forces on 13 July 1931 in Srinagar.

The event started with the recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by message of the Prime Minister read by the Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Shahid Ali Seehar.

In his speech, Ambassador Imran Haider while dilating upon the significance of this day in Kashmir’s history highlighted the great sacrifices being rendered by Kashmiri people since 1931 in their struggle to achieve right of self-determination.

Ambassador Haider reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to continue to extend moral, political and diplomatic support to Kashmiri people until they achieve right to self-determination in line with the United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

A Pakistani community member recited some verses eulogizing the sufferings and highlighting the bravery of Kashmiri people. Banners, posters and pamphlets highlighting Indian atrocities in IoJK were also displayed on the occasion.

A special documentary prepared by the Embassy showing oppression of the Dogra rule and Indian brutalities in IoJK was also released on the social media.

The ceremony concluded with prayers for Shuhada-e-Kashmir.


13 July 2020

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