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In the Mission’s endeavor to facilitate our community members at their doorstep, a consular team visited Cape Town (around 1800 KM away from Pretoria) from 01- 04 October 2020. The consular team, during the visit, facilitated around 250 Pakistani citizens by issuing visas, attesting various documents and responding to their queries about several issues.

The team visited Pollsmoor Correctional Centre, Cape Town, to meet a Pakistani prisoner to enquire about his well being. The team also visited the office of International Organization of Migration/IOM to help repatriate a stranded Pakistani citizen.The Mission regularly undertakes such consular visits to facilitate our community.

The visit was applauded by all and sundry particularly in challenging time of pandemic COVID-19 as Pakistani citizens have to visit Pretoria for above consular services. The purpose of the visits was to render consular services, undertake prison visits and have interaction with Pakistani diaspora to know and address their issues.



05 October 2020

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