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The Pakistani Diaspora members living in the United Republic of Tanzania are hereby informed that they can raise can raise their issues on the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) by using the following options:-

By using Mobile App (People having smart phones)
  • Android Link:


  • IOS Link:


By using Web-Access (People having no smart phones) Web.citizenportal.gov.pk
By Participation in Khuli Kachehris Diaspora members can participate in e-Kachehris which are being scheduled as per SOPs on Facebook, Radio or TV by 24 Federal Organizations (List attached).
Manual Complaint lodging facility Diaspora members who are either illiterate or are physically challenged, or aged or women/widows can lodge their written complaints as per SOPs through PCP-Dashboards. In this regard, all dashboards of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Diplomacy/Consular Mission abroad are also authorized to do so.
Help-line for Guidance 051-9000111


Dar es Salam

29 September 2020

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