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In Observation of “Kashmir Black Day’ on 27th October, 2020 a small gathering was organized at the Embassy due to the Pandemic, to protest against the occupation of Kashmir by Indian forces on 27th October 1947 and the scale and impunity of the Indian government’s human rights violations against Kashmiris after revocation of Article 370-A on 5th August 2019.

Messages of the President and Prime Minister on the ‘Kashmir Black Day’ were read out which highlighted the horrendous atrocities committed by the Indian state and exclaimed the courage of people of IIOJK who have faced them courageously with strength and resilience.

The ceremony concluded with moment of silence and assurance of support to the struggle of Kashmiri Brethren for their sacrifices and solidarity with the Kashmiris to achieve their legitimate right to self-determinations as per UN Charter and relevant UNSC Resolutions.



28 October 2020

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