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H.E. Muhammad Saleem, High Commissioner for Pakistan to the United Republic of Tanzania, held a meeting with Dr. Godwill G. Wanga, Executive Secretary, Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC), at the TNBC Secretariat, in Dar es Salaam today. Senior officials of the TNBC were also present.

Welcoming H.E. Muhammad Saleem, Dr. Wanga gave an overview of TNBC’s major achievements in promotion of business through the regular Public-Private Dialogue mechanism in the United Republic of Tanzania.

H.E. Muhammad Saleem briefed about the Government of Pakistan’s ‘Engage Africa’ policy to promote Pakistan’s longstanding friendly relations with all countries in Africa. The High Commissioner highlighted the potential for deepening Pakistan-Tanzania economic engagement covering agriculture, industry, investment and trade in goods and services. The meeting afforded the opportunity for exchange of ideas for enhancing collaboration through the public and private sector organizations’ institutional support and sharing of expertise for mutual benefit.


Dar es Salaam

January 11, 2021

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