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H.E. Muhammad Saleem, High Commissioner for Pakistan to the United Republic of Tanzania, held a meeting with Prof. Dr. William A.L. Anangisye, Vice-Chancellor, University of Dar es Salaam, at the University’s Mwl. Nyerere Mlimani Campustoday.

Prof. Dr. Anangisyegave an overview of the University’s evolution as the parent institution for promoting higher education since the very initial years of the country’s independencein 1961. The University of Dar es Salaam is the largest and most dynamic centre of academic excellence. It has a proud history ofnurturing the country’s leadership in the political, professional, scientific, socio-economic and cultural fields over the last six decades. The University has also offered higher education facilities to students from other countries of south-eastern Africa region and beyond.

H.E. Muhammad Saleem briefed about the professional training courses and academic scholarship being offered annually to the United Republic of Tanzania by the Government of Pakistan under the ‘Technical Cooperation’ program. He highlighted the scope for institutional collaboration and sharing of expertise for mutual benefit between Pakistan and Tanzania.The High Commissioner informed about the number of accredited Universities in Pakistan which also offer intake of students and researchers from various countries in Africa.

The High Commissioner also apprised about international scholarships being offered by the COMSATS University, based in Islamabad, to COMSATS founding member countries including United Republic of Tanzania.

Both sides agreed to pursue Pakistan-Tanzania cooperation in higher education, science and technology and agriculture through exchange of expertise, faculty and students between the two friendly countries.


Dar es Salaam

January 14, 2021

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