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(2018-05-06) While addressing the OIC Special Session on the ”Humanitarian Challenges of the OIC Countries Including those relative to the Rohingyas” at the 45th OIC CFM, Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua highlighted the severe humanitarian consequences for the people of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IoK), resulting from the unabated and systematic human rights violations by the Indian occupation forces. She condemned the brutal killings of innocent Kashmiris as well as use of pellet guns resulting in the complete loss of eye sight of many Kashmiris. She referred to the situation in IoK as dire, seeking urgent attention of the international community and especially the OIC for responding to the humanitarian needs of the Kashmiri people in IoK.

Foreign Secretary highlighted the human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims and reiterated Pakistan’s support to ease the miseries and humanitarian challenges being faced by these innocent people. She also applauded the OIC and Bangladesh for extending support and hospitality to Rohingyas.

Foreign Secretary called for OIC’s consistent support to Palestinian refugees. She stated that it was Muslim Ummah’s collective responsibility to address the financial challenges being faced by United Nations Relief and Works Agencies for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

While emphasizing Pakistan’s continued commitment to look after Afghan refugees, Foreign Secretary invited attention of the OIC countries to support Pakistan’s efforts including ensuring repatriation of these refugees to their homeland.


06 May 2018

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