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Donations from Abroad:

The overseas Pakistanis may contribute in the Fund through following options:

Write transfer to SBP Nostro Account with NBP, New York

The overseas Pakistanis having bank account abroad may contribute in the Fund through wire transfer/swift message. For the purpose, they would request their respective bank to remit the funds in US Dollars to the SBP Nostro Account, the particulars of which are as given below:

Name of Payee:                STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN

Payee’s Address:            I.I. CHUNDRIGAR ROAD, KARACHI, PAKISTAN

Payee’s SWIFT Code:     SBPPPKKA

ABA Routing Number:    026004721

Bank Name:                    NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN

Bank Address:                 NEW YORK, U.S.A

Payee’s Account No:        55854560

Bank SWIFT Code:         NBPUS33


Transfer through Money Service Bureaus (MSBs), Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) and Exchange Houses (EHs)

The Banks have been allowed to receive donations/contributions to the Fund through MSBs, MTOs the EHs in line with the arrangements in line with arrangements in place for receiving home remittances. The overseas Pakistanis may, therefore, remits their donations/contributions through MSBs, MTOs and EHs to the Fund account, being maintained at any of the commercial or microfinance bank in Pakistan, the IBANs of which are available at the following link:

The banks receiving donations through this mode shall settle the transaction through this mode shall settle the transaction through RTGS with SBP within 30 minutes.

Transfer through Debit/Credit cards

The donors can also make their donations / contributions to the Fund through their debit/credit cards, for which purpose they may visit SBP website on the following link.

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