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The Prime Minister briefed the High Commissioner on the devastating impact of India’s over 4-months long draconian lockdown of 8 million Kashmiris, as affirmed by independent observers across the world.

The Prime Minister noted that the atrocities being inflicted on the Kashmiri people by India reflected the fascist ideology being pursued by its ruling party. The Citizenship Amendment legislation and National Registry of Citizens (NRC), aimed at depriving nearly two million people of their citizenship rights in Assam, were a clear manifestation of this mindset.

The Prime Minister underlined that the United Nations and the international community must take cognizance of and take immediate steps to halt these dangerous policies to avert humanitarian catastrophe and growing dangers to South Asian peace and stability.

Recalling the two Kashmir reports issued by the United Nations, he urged the High Commissioner to continue monitoring and reporting on the deteriorating situation in IOJ&K as well as in India.

High Commissioner Bachelet shared the concerns outlined by the Prime Minister and recalled recent responses issued by her Office to the developments in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOJ&K) and India.

The Prime Minister invited the High Commissioner to undertake a visit to Pakistan.


17 December 2019

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