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The year 2015 marks the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Cuba.

Cuba is a long standing partner of Pakistan. Our bilateral relations are based on mutual respect and friendship. We recognize Cuba as a time tested friend which has stood by us in times of need.

Pakistan will never forget the unprecedented assistance and support provided by the Cuban health professionals in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake that resulted in loss of thousands of lives and left countless injured. During those days of national crisis, the Henry Reeve Brigade led by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Cuba, who now holds the portfolio of the Foreign Minister of Cuba, stayed in Pakistan for 6 months. The Cuban medical contingent provided treatment to 80,000 patients and conducted 7,000 operations through its 32 field hospitals and 2 relief camps established in some of the most difficult terrains of the earthquake affected areas.

Cuba further offered 1,000 fully funded medical scholarships for Pakistani students of the earthquake affected areas and graduates from Cuban medical colleges are now a major asset to our health sector. They are also friendship ambassadors of Cuba in Pakistan.

The above expression of sincerity, care and friendship towards Pakistan by the Cuban Government and its people has few parallels in modern day history. Pakistan will always remain indebted to this Cuban gesture of support during one of the most challenging phases of our national history.

As a modest token of our gratitude and goodwill towards our Cuban friends, I would like to announce, today, on behalf of the Government and the People of Pakistan, a gift of 15,000 tonnes of Rice to the people of Cuba on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two great nations. I hope that in years ahead, our two countries would continue to work together for a better future of our posterity.

23 December 2015

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