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In line with Telecom Policy 2015, issued by the Ministry of Information Technology, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has developed DIRBS to ensure standardized IMEI issued in line with GSMA brought through formal channels are allowed for usage on mobile networks within territory of Pakistan. Following are the key points:

a) All mobile devices (having SIM/IMEI functionality) active on Pakistani Mobile networks till 1st December 2018 shall remain operational without any service disruption;

b) Mobile devices using international SIM(s) and on roaming status within Pakistan are exempted from this system and shall remain operational for entire timeframe provided they are using the international SIM(s);

c) As per regulations an individual can bring up to 5 mobile devices in a year in personal usage category;

d) Any mobile device brought into country (intended for usage on Pakistan mobile networks using local SIM) for the first time after 1st December 2018 will be required to register IMEI of mobile device via following available mechanism:


  • All international travelers planning to carry/bring new or used mobile devices with SIM/IMEI functionality for use on Pakistani mobile operator will be required to register their IMEIs using the PTA online portal system or use kiosk facility provided at the Customs desk at all international airports;


  • It is advised that all such individuals note down the IMEI of such devices prior to arrival. IMEI can be obtained by dialing *#06# from dialpad of mobile device, written on box of device or printed on the inside of device and visible by removing the back cover and battery.

In case of any further queries related to DIRBS, please contact Mr. Nauman Khalid, Director (Type Approval), PTA by sending email at M/b>


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