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(2009-01-07) A British Parliamentary delegation comprising of James Devine, Mark Fisher, James McGovern, and Mohammed Sarwar will visit Islamabad this week as part of the wide-ranging public diplomacy efforts being initiated by Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Javed Malik through the Foreign office in a bid to create opportunities for people to people contacts and foster diplomatic support for Pakistan across the globe.

In addition to their official meetings with the country’s leadership, opportunities are being provided to members of civil society, academics, students, and media to interact with the British Parliamentarians with a view to promote a better understanding of Pakistan and its people.

A conference is also being organized in Islamabad in which the British MPs will address a specially invited audience of Islamabad’s civil society. The Conference is aimed at raising awareness on the challenges being faced by Pakistan, and highlight the Opportunities that a democratic Pakistan creates for the world community. It would also call on the world community to stand by Pakistan in its vision for creating a democratic and progressive Pakistan.

Britain and Pakistan share strong cultural, historic and economic ties, moreover Britain is also home to a sizeable and vibrant British-Pakistani community actively engaged in business, professions and politics. It is expected that this visit and related activities would further boost the relations between the people of both countries.

07 January, 2009

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