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You are aware that the World Health Organization has declared the corona virus a pandemic. The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has also announced a number of control measures including imposition of state of emergency and a 2000-0700 curfew, border controls, closure of universities and banning of large gatherings etc. In order to keep yourself well informed about the prevailing situation, it is recommended to take regular updates about the evoloving situation from the Kyrgyz Government’s exclusive website and benefit from dedicated telephone line number 118 in case of emergency. The Embassy remains fully alert about the well being of our community, residing in the Kyrgyz Republic. We hope and pray for complete well being of all our brothers and sisters and remain available to help you address any untoward situation, in the given circumstances. In this regard, the Mission has already established the following 24/7 hotline for providing necessary information and any possible assistance.


Mobile & Whatsaap: 00996 55 67 88 56 5

On the above hotline, we have received several enquiries which we have tried to address expeditiously. Keeping in view the gravity of the situation due to spread of corona virus infection, the Ambassador of Pakistan to the Krygyz Republic would be perosanlly monitoring the situation. The Ambassador and Head of Chancery would remain available daily for direct interaction with community members via video call on above whatsup number between 1200 to 1300 hours. To avoid Corona Virus disease, all community members are requested to take precautionary measures in all possible ways and avoid violation of the local rules about emergency and curfew.
Wish you all the best and thank you for understanding the situation.

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