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In response to a question pertaining to the New York Times article titled, “The Worst Pakistan Nightmare for Obama” by David E. Sanger, the Spokesman said that Pakistan and the United States enjoy close cordial relations and there is a high degree of mutual trust between the two countries.

At this juncture when the new administration is about to take office, news story like the one by David Sanger is indeed most unfortunate and contrary to the facts.

Pakistan is fully cognizant of its responsibilities as a nuclear weapon state and has taken all requisite steps to ensure the safety and security of its nuclear assets and materials. Pakistan continues to accord high attention to these matters.
We are prepared to continue to working closely with the international community on arms control and disarmament issues and engage with the US and other nuclear weapon states with a view to enhancing mutual trust and confidence in relevant domains, including prevention of risks of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, on an equitable and non-discriminatory basis.

10 January 2009

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