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The Election Commission of Pakistan is conducting Overseas Voting through Internet Voting Process in the upcoming by-elections in 37 Constituencies, scheduled to be held on 14th October 2018.

All overseas voters belonging to these constituencies are required to get themselves registered between 1st to 15th September 2018 online at to cast their vote in upcoming by-elections through Internet Voting. The list of the constituencies also available on the I-Voting website.

Registration Procedure

Only those Overseas Pakistani voters shall be eligible for voting who possess: (a) valid NICOP; (b) valid Machine Readable Passport (MRP); and (c) valid E-mail address. Age of the voter at the time of registration must be 18 years.

The OP voter, desirous to cast vote through I-voting shall, access the Overseas Voting System through the internet and shall create an account.

A confirmation email of account so created shall be forwarded to the applicant at the given email address and by clicking on the link therein the voter shall be prompted to provide the number of his/her MRP with its tracking identity and NICOP number along with date of issuance.

Upon completion of proceedings, a verification process will be initiated wherein random questions regarding voter’s identity information shall be asked by the System and upon correct reply, a message of “Successfully verified” shall be displayed by the system. A confirmation email of account verification shall also be sent to the applicant.

Upon successful verification, a unique passcode shall be forwarded to the applicant by the system through email before the polling day with effect from 10th October 2018. On polling day, the OP Voter will use the passcode for casting vote

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