Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Hina Rabbani Khar
Foreign Secretary
Dr. Asad Majeed
Special Secretary
Syrus Qazi
Chief Executive Officer National Information Technology Board (NITB)
Babar Majeed Bhatti and his team members;
Respected representatives of the Media;
Dear Colleagues, Ladies & Gentlemen;
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As Foreign Minister of Pakistan, my vision for this Ministry is one that works like a well-oiled machine, where outdated procedures and internal inefficiencies are relics of the past. A Ministry that communicate seamlessly by removing outdated means to more efficient and paper smart options, breaking down silos and barriers between headquarters and our missions abroad. A Ministry that is not bound by bureaucratic red tape but operates with speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. A Foreign Service that is equipped to deliver on a people centric, development focused and peace oriented diplomacy.
Upon assuming Office, we decided that the urgency and weight of day-to-day issues will not detract us from investing in the future of this Ministry.  The Change Management Initiative, of which you are by now quite familiar, was the result of this emphasis on looking ahead and to make the ministry proactive, responsive, nimble, and well-resourced to the extent that national circumstances allow. This meant looking at how we work. Dissecting our processes. Reducing redundancy. Improving efficiency. Using technology to reduce time in transition and bring issues to action and closure as quickly as possible. Among other things, this meant greater use of digitization.
There are a total of 51 initiatives relating to various work streams of the Ministry under the broader CMI rubric. Of these, 19 are fully in place, 3 partially completed, and 29 are on track. These relate to areas such as automation and digitalization of functions pertaining to human resources, administration and finance. They also span communication and security, logistics, career development, knowledge management, public diplomacy, consular and protocol services, and last but not the least, training facilities at the Foreign Service Academy.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Despite the financial crunch, we managed to improve the conditions of service by several means such as the provision of Executive Allowance for MoFA. Approval of long awaited Foreign and Entertainment allowances. This was the first increase since 2012 [when Pakistan Peoples Party was in power under President Zardari].
I am pleased to mention that our efforts for the enhancement of cadre also succeeded, resulting in allocation of 44 additional seats at MoFA headquarters across all grades. This too is a first since 2007. It will have a positive impact on our ability to devote human resources to new and emerging issues that are of relevance not only to the Ministry but the country.
We worked to ensure that the Ministry had seat on the table at the forums discussing issues of economy and foreign investments given the centrality of our role in managing intergovernmental relations.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In terms of making use of technology and digitization, we have introduced the Financial Management System (FMS) that is now operational and will provide real-time, system-wide, information about our budgetary position under various heads of account and missions. This will enable informed and efficient financial decision-making and strengthen our position vis-à-vis the Ministry of Finance and also help reduce audit observations.
In parallel to the FMS, we have also developed a Human Resource Management System (HRMS). The first phase of this multi-layered system is operational. Each officer and staff member is being issued a unique number and they will be able to log on to it and manage their service matters. For starters, they can send their leave requests directly on the system.
Additionally, the Mail or Daak system is being digitized. Mail will be logged and easy to track. It will reach its destination faster. All of this will translate into quicker decisions, action and results.
This Ministry takes great pride in championing the cause of climate change, and we are determined to lead by example in our efforts to combat global environmental changes as we transition toward a future powered by clean energy sources. In this regard, today I will be inaugurating the solarization project for our Ministry and its allied buildings. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the government of the People’s Republic of China for their sponsorship and support, which has made this endeavor possible.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Spokesperson office of the Ministry is in the process of upgrading the official website of the Ministry.
The new website is being developed with the support of a technical team of National IT Board (NITB). The new website will confirm to the modern-day requirements and will be a one stop shop for Pakistani public, overseas Pakistanis, media and foreign diplomats. It will also cater to the needs of persons with disabilities.
The website design has been finalized and the website will be launched in coming days.
As I speak of these initiatives, I also take this opportunity to thank the National Information Technology Board (NITB) for partnering with MoFA. The FMS, HRMS,  Mail Management systems and new website is  the result of this model collaboration.
Most importantly, I want to recognize the commitment and contributions of the outstanding team in my office, Special Secretary Administration and his able team and all the process owners involved in this endeavor, who worked day and night in effectively translating my vision of reforms into Change Management Initiative.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In conclusion, I would like to say that any meaningful reform is a progressive and evolving process that warrants careful contemplation and constant evaluation and reevaluation. I am optimistic that this reform process will go a long way in making MoFA a truly modern organization, cognizant of the changes taking place and responding effectively to them in the larger interest of state and society.
Thank you!
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