An MRP can be renewed 6 months before expiry. In exceptional cases, this condition can be waived off to some degree depending on the reason given.


The following documents may be brought for processing of Machine Readable Passports at the given appointment time:

  • Any one of the following validNADRA documents (in original, as well as a photocopy):
    • Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC); or
    • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP); or
    • Smart National ID Card.
    • For applicants under 18 years of age who do not have any of the above, Form B or Family Registration Certificate (FRC) are acceptable
  • Previous Passport (if any) in original, alongwith a copy of the previous passport (First two pages, along with the observation page)
  • In case of Dual Nationality Holders, the Foreign passport and its copy may also please be brought along

For applicants under the age of 18, the following may please be noted:


  • For children below the age of 18, presence of both parents is mandatory for passport processing
  • In case parents are separated or divorced, the custodian father or mother is required to produce court orders confirming his/her legal right of custody of the child
  • As per latest ICAO regulations,child endorsement is not allowed on parent’s passport. Therefore, child endorsement will not be done on the parents’ MRP. Instead of this, children (even under 18 years) will be issued a separate MRP.


For married females, the following may please be noted:


  • Married female applicants are required to produce original CNIC/ NICOP/Smart National ID Card containing their husband’s name. They would otherwise be required to get their CNIC / NICOP / Smart National ID card modified in accordance with their marital status before applying for MRP.


In case you have a Manual Passport not issued from the Embassy of Pakistan, Dublin, your manual passport would first have to be verified from the issuing authority. In that case, your biometric data will only be captured once we have verified from the concerned Mission/Headquarters.


General Note: Normally, the biometric process takes no more than half an hour. However, sometimes due to technical reasons, processing of passports during an appointment can take up to two hours. Your patience and cooperation is requested in that eventuality.

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