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The Afghan Army Chief’s reported comments to the BBC are yet another attempt to malign Pakistan. The allegations that Pakistan “controls” the Taliban and has “unleashed” them on Afghanistan have no basis. We reject them categorically. Pakistan has exercised extreme restraint in the face of highly provocative language used by the Afghan civil and military officials over the last few months, not to mention some totally fabricated accusations.

Such comments also reflect insincerity on the part of some elements in Afghan government. On the specific request of the Afghan leadership itself, Pakistan has been fully supportive of the reconciliation process. Our concrete steps to facilitate this process, are well known.

Pakistan will not be deterred in its efforts to support the international community’s efforts to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. We would, however, hope that the Afghan officials would refrain from leveling baseless allegation and work towards creating a conducive environment that helps advance the shared objectives of peace, stability and prosperity.

July 03, 2013

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