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In response to a question regarding the comment by the Spokesperson of Indian External Affairs, the Spokesperson said that Pakistan is opposed to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and has been the biggest victim of terrorism. The people and Government of Pakistan are determined to eradicate this menace from our territory. The brave armed forces of Pakistan are successfully conducting a comprehensive and across the board operation – Zarb-e-Azb to root out terrorism. On the other hand, the People of Pakistan see the escalation of tension by India on the Line of Control and Working Boundary, through continuous unprovoked firing and targeting of civilians, as an attempt to distract our armed forces from its valiant mission against all terrorists. The baseless and preposterous Indian allegations regarding the so called “terror boat” from Pakistan are also in the same vein.

The Indian Spokesperson also made equally baseless and malicious allegations regarding the ‘citings’ of Punjabi/Urdu speaking terrorist elements in Afghanistan. India is reminded to refrain from attempts to create misunderstanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two brotherly nations bound by common destiny, shared culture, history and religion. These efforts are also in violation of all international norms.

6 January 2015

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