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Responding to a query regarding recent statement by Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister, the Spokesperson said that Pakistan has an old post called Gursal well inside Pakistani territory bordering Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan, which is under routine renovation.

Under the recently signed Tripartite Border SOP, both sides are supposed to inform any new construction closer to border areas. Despite being a renovation work Pakistan as a gesture of goodwill shared this information with the Afghan side. The same was also shared with the Afghan visiting delegation to Mohmand Agency on 24 January 2013.
The renovation of the post is primarily meant to interdict terrorists and criminals as well as better management of the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin’s recent concerns about construction and physical reinforcement along the Afghan border are therefore not in keeping with the spirit of the understanding on good border management and the recently signed Tripartite Border SOP.

Better management of the border through strengthening border posts located in each other’s territory are in the interest of the two countries to have an effective check over terrorists and criminals. Pakistan suggests to the Afghan Government to take similar measures on their side of the border posts.

Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister’s concern about rocket and artillery attacks against different areas of Kunar Province has also not been found correct as no rocket or artillery shells have been fired by Pakistan Army in the recent days. The Spokesperson added that Pakistan remains committed to extending all possible support and facilitation for peace, reconciliation and stability in Afghanistan.

April 2, 2013

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