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Responding to media queries about reported remarks of Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, the Spokesperson stressed that Pakistan has steadfastly supported peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. Pakistan remains firm in its belief that an inclusive, Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process is of central importance for enduring stability. For its part, Pakistan has made concrete efforts to facilitate this process. The Spokesperson added that, as recently as 27 January 2014, Pakistan and the United States have jointly reiterated their call on the Taliban to join the peace process and enter into dialogue with the Afghan Government. Similarly, itself a major victim of terrorism, Pakistan has been in the forefront of international efforts to combat extremism and terrorism. Any view purporting to project Pakistan in a contrary light is removed from reality.

The Spokesperson stated that Dr. Spanta’s reported comments are both regrettable and out of sync with the constructive spirit in which the leaders of the two countries are engaged to build a positive Pakistan-Afghanistan relationship. The Spokesperson expressed the hope that every effort would be made to maintain a conducive environment for constructive engagement.

31 January 2014

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