Libya Mission Post|

Ministry of Foreign Affairs handled the most complicated exercise in a very professional, integrated and motivated manner. Right at the outset, a Crisis Management Cell was constituted at the Ministry for overall coordination. Missions neighboring the war torn Libya like Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Niger and Egypt etc were reinforced, where necessary, by the Ministry. These Missions in turn mobilized and rendered all possible support to the evacuation process. The Mission at Tripoli, facing all odds held on 100 percent functional throughout, at a stage when almost all other Missions had moved out of Libya. During the period from July to September Embassy staff worked round the clock foregoing all holidays, putting their lives and property at stake.

The gravity of situation prevalent in Libya and the environments under which the motivated Embassy staff performed in the face of extreme challenges can be discerned by events highlighted at Annex “A” attached. Libyan sentiments and support converged on to Pakistan Embassy being the only one which stood with its 100 percent staff fully functional standing with the Libyans even at the peak of crisis. This attracted Libyan good will and physical support for the sustenance of our prolonged Relief Centers and for our other welfare and evacuation measures

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