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Continuing his intense engagements on the Capitol Hill, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Syed Tariq Fatemi, yesterday, held separate meetings with Senators Dianne Feinstein of California and Robert Casey from Pennsylvania. Senator Feinstein is the Vice Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence whereas Senator Casey is a senior member of the Committee on Finance as well as the Joint Economic Committee.

In meeting with Senator Feinstein, the two sides reviewed the state of play in the relationship with special focus on defence and intelligence cooperation between the respective authorities and expressed satisfaction on the growing momentum in this vital cooperation. Mr. Fatemi shared the recent achievements in Pakistan’s fight against terrorism following the ongoing military operations in FATA which has entered a critical phase. SAPM explained that due to the successful operations of the Pakistani security forces, militants’ command and control infrastructure had been completely destroyed. These operations, Mr. Fatemi stressed, had significantly diminished the ability of terrorists to plan and conduct attacks inside Pakistan or across the border. SAPM informed the Senator that arrangements were being made to completely secure the Pakistani territory from militants’ through holding the gains in FATA and establishing the civilian set up in the area. The Senator was also informed about the plans to rehabilitate the dislocated people from Waziristan.

Senator Feinstein noted Pakistan’s efforts to eliminate terrorism and stabilize the region. Assuring him of the US support for enhancing Pakistan’s counter-terrorism capabilities, the Senator stressed the need for continued cooperation between Pakistan and the US to deal with the emerging threat of ISIL.

In his meeting with Senator Robert Casey, the two sides discussed the recent developments in the bilateral relationship and other issues of mutual interest. Senator Casey noted the steps taken by the Prime Minister to reach out to Pakistan’s neighbours, as well reviving the economy. Lauding the commitment of the Government and People of Pakistan to eliminate terrorism, Senator Casey praised Pakistan’s positive role in facilitating the reconciliation process for stability in Afghanistan. Senator Casey assured the SAPM of working closely with Pakistan to deepen the economic and trade relations between the two counties and to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

July 23, 2015

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