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The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Mr. Tariq Fatemi was received by the leadership of the House Foreign Affairs Committee today at the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.In a series of interactions, the SAPM met Rep. Ed Royce ( R-CA) Chairman House Foreign Affairs Committee; Rep. Eliot Engel ( D-NY) Ranking Member of Foreign Affairs Committee , Rep. Brad Sherman ( D-CA) Ranking Member of Asia Pacific Subcommittee of Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Karen Bass( D – CA), Ranking Member of Global Human Rights subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The SAPM discussed wide range of issues with leadership of the Foreign Affairs Committee and apprised the Congressmen on Prime Minister’s vision of a peaceful and prosperous neighborhood.

In meeting with Chairman Royce, the SAPM provided an elaborate briefing on measures undertaken by Pakistan to improve the internal security and defeat terrorist networks. He emphasized that Pakistan was dealing with the menace of terrorism resolutely and without discrimination. He updated Chairman Royce on counterterrorism operations by Pakistan military and law enforcement agencies. In his remaks, Chairman Royce effusively appreciated sacrifices that Pakistan Armed Forces personnel had made in fighting the militants. He recognized that Pakistani society had incurred a huge cost in dealing with terrorism.

SAPM’s meeting with Rep. Brad Sherman focussed on Pakistan – U.S bilateral economic cooperation. Both sides emphasized the mutual desirability of closer coordination between the two governments to enhance trade and expand economic partnership in energy, education and infrastructure development. Rep. Sherman expressed full support to the democratic process in Pakistan and appreciated Pakistan’s overtures to its neighbors to foster peace and stability in the region.

In meeting with Rep. Karen Bass, the SAPM elucidated Goverment’s policy to generate domestic political consensus on issues of critical Importance to Pakistan’s security and development. He briefed the Congresswoman on the contribution of religious and ethnic minorities to strengthening democratic dispensation and Pakistan’s economic development.

During his day long interactions at the Capitol Hill, the SAPM was also received by Rep. Joseph Pitts( R-PA) Chairman Congressional Human Rights Tom Lantos Commission . The SAPM briefed Rep. Pitts on measure taken by The government to enhance internal security, promote economic development and improve relationship with all neighbors.

SAPM’s engagements at the Caiptol Hill will continue in through this week.

24 July, 2015

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