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In response to a question regarding US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks at the launch of the Asia Society’s Series of Richard Holbrooke Memorial Addresses on 18 February, the Spokesperson said that we have seen the statement.

It is Pakistan’s considered view that stability, peace and development in the South Asian region is not only important for Pakistan but has global ramifications.

Pakistan has reached out to both Afghanistan and India to promote an environment conducive to stability and development. It is imperative that the international community support this endeavour.

Pakistan values its relations with the US and is cognizant of the need for greater strategic coherence especially when a large number of NATO/ISAF troops and the international community, in a broader sense, are engaged on issues germane to Afghanistan.

We applaud Secretary Clinton’s call to respect the principles of non-interference and non-intervention. The sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Afghanistan must also be fully respected.

We welcome Secretary Clinton’s announcement on the appointment of Marc Grossman and wish him success.

19 February 2011

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