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Honourable Radek Vondracek, President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic

Ing. Oldrich Lomecky, Mayor of Prague-1

Excellencies, Colleagues, Friends, Fellow Compatriots, Ladies & Gentlemen

Very good evening to all of you and very warm welcome to the festivities.

Congratulations to Czech Republic on Centennial celebrations

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Pakistan the sixth largest country in the world and producer of footballs with which world is playing soccer in Russia is giant supplier of Most intelligent skilled and resilient manpower to the world these are not mere words you are witnessing a tiny exhibit of its talent in fashion and later will taste it with its rich cuisine.

Today’s Pakistan is dynamic, democratic, developing and growing at the rate of 5.7% with a trillion- dollar economy with purchasing power parity.

Seeing is believing visit my beautiful country, and don’t follow the politically motivated travel advisories.

See with your own eyes, we are peace loving, peace maintaining and peace propagating nation.

The Emerging Pakistan offers numerous opportunity for business and Investment. Our Energy and Industry Policy offers Tax holidays, 100 per cent repatriation of profit and many more facilities.


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is closely related to the Belt and Road Initiative, and therefore requires closer cooperation and greater progress.

One Belt One Road Initiative of China also includes connectivity with Europe through 16 plus 1 arrangement for Eastern and Central Europe. Therefore, Pakistan and Czech Republic share common ideals of regional connectivity and people to people contact under OBOR.

Accordingly, CPEC provides countless opportunities for Czech businesses to become part of CEPEC either through business cooperation with Chinese companies/Institutions or cooperation/joint ventures with Pakistani partner companies. As I have mentioned above CPEC financial portfolio for projects in Pakistan is worth 50 billion dollars. This includes energy projects of 35 billion dollars and 13 billion dollars of road and railway projects. Besides, 09 Special Economic zones (SEZ) and several Industrial and IT parks shall be established across country along CPEC Routes. Given strengths of Czech Industry, following Specific opportunities exist for Czech companies to become part of CPEC projects.

The Belt and Road Initiative is a way for win-win cooperation that promotes common development and prosperity and a road towards peace and friendship by enhancing mutual understanding and trust, and strengthening all-round exchanges. The Belt and Road run through the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, connecting the vibrant East Asia economic circle at one end and developed European economic circle at the other, and encompassing countries with huge potential for economic development.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an important loop in the larger chain of Belt and Road Initiative, and would enable the possibility of a 21st Century Maritime Silk Route.

It carries the vision of opening-up of and cooperation among the two countries. We should work in concert and move towards the objectives of mutual benefit and common security.

Excellencies and Distinguished Guests,

Pakistan enjoys friendly relations with Czech Republic, which are deeply embedded in history. We are familiar with the Brand “Czech Republic”. We sincerely invite Czech Companies to establish their productions inside SEZ, Industrial Zones and IT Parks. Advantages include cheap and abundant supply of labor, long term Tax incentives and availability of huge Market of over 3 billion people in China, South Asia and Central Asia.

Given the labor supply challenges for Czech Companies at home, this relocation of industry shall ensure smooth supply of product line and increased profits of Czech companies.

In short, the world is in flux. Political and Economic centres of gravity are shifting to the East. This is a key catalyst for change and realignment. The emerging order is yet unsettled, ill-defined and uncertain; yet choices and decisions are to be made now which will have consequences for years to come.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Whenever we celebrate some event we always remember plight of our Kashmiri brothers who are suffering worst human rights violation at the hands of the trained military forces perpetrating state sponsored terrorism on because they are asking for their very basic Human Right enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

It is the oldest item on the United Nations Agenda. I urge its peaceful resolution.

Pakistan’s Vision 2025 and Czech vision 2030.

Two cardinal features shared by Pakistan’s Vision 2025 and Czech vision 2030 are in addition to others is people and society, global development and good governance.

The Vision 2025 for Pakistan envisages Pakistan’s long-term development blueprint which aims to create a globally competitive and prosperous country providing a high quality of life for all its citizens.

Suffice it to say that we are doing significantly in the field of defence and the signal are that cooperation will further grow.

Before I conclude I would like to acknowledge those who supported us in arranging this lovely event.


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan


  • Trade Development Authority of Pakistan


  • Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry


  • Omnipol and its President Jiri Podpera


  • Czeska Zybrovka and its owner Mr. Rene Holecek


  • Aero Vedohody and its President Mr. Giuseppe Giordo


  • Mayor of Prague 1 Ing. Oldrich Lomecky


  • Zofin Palace Director Mr. Petr


  • Rana Noman


  • Sonia Azhar


  • Jeem


  • Rici Melion


  • And Borjon shoes

Our restaurants in Prague, Halal Fast Food of Rana Shaukat, Imran Tikka, Mani Mini, Indus for providing imperial Pakistani Cuisine, which was the staple of Muslim Emperors who ruled subcontinent for more than a millennium.

All the best wishes, hope you will enjoy the rest of the program and signature Pakistani Dinner.

Thank you


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