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Advisor to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sartaj Aziz, expressed his deep concern over the recent escalation of violations of the cease fire at the Line of Control and Working Boundary by the Indian security forces and issued the following statement:

“For seven days now, the Indian security forces have been firing and shelling across the Line of Control and Working Boundary. Yesterday was Eid day but the Indian forces, in complete disregard of the festive event, carried on the fire and put four innocent lives to death. The Eid day when Muslims celebrate the spirit of sacrifice, the Indian forces played havoc with the lives of four families whose dear ones embraced Shahadat. It is sad that the Indian government has not been able to restrain its forces despite strong diplomatic protest by Pakistan. We call upon Indian government to immediately cease fire and shelling and help us preserve tranquility.

The government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been exercising utmost restraint and responsibility. We also extended a hand of friendship to India. However, with abrupt cancellation of Foreign Secretary level talks, the Indian side has shunned all our peace overtures. We hope that the Indian side would give peace a chance. Cease fire at the Line of Control and the Working Boundary must be preserved in the larger interest of the region and the peoples of the two countries. We have often called for making full use of the channels available like hotline between DGs MO and Sector Commanders’ meetings. Unfortunately, all our efforts to secure peace and tranquility on the Line of Control and the Work Boundary have elicited no cooperation from the Indian side. UNMOGIP must also be enabled to play its due role in monitoring ceasefire to secure peace and tranquility on the Line of Control and Working Boundary”.

07 October,2014

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