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In keeping with the commitment of the Government of Pakistan to the welfare of overseas Pakistanis, Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to lead in the relief and rescue of Pakistanis in Sudan. Today, another convoy carrying 211 Pakistanis dispatched from Khartoum has arrived in Port Sudan. With the latest convoy, the total number of Pakistanis who have been evacuated to safety has reached 700.

Ambassador Meer Bahrose Regi’s team in Khartoum and Port Sudan are working day and night to facilitate the stay of Pakistanis who are still in Sudan until their evacuation to Pakistan. We remain engaged with friendly countries in the region especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to facilitate this process.

I am grateful for the hard work of our missions in the region and the entire Foreign Office Team led by Foreign Secretary Dr. Asad Majeed Khan who is leading the inter-agency coordination process.

25 April 2023


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