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President Xi Jinping,

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen.

Our gathering today comes at a pivotal moment.

Together, we have put in enormous efforts to make the Post-2015 Development Agenda responsive to our challenges and aspirations.

Unity of purpose and a shared vision for prosperity has been our loadstar.

Mr. President,

South-South cooperation is unique, for it is cooperation among equals, based on solidarity.

Its role in promoting development and resilience in our countries is significant.

The 2008 global economic crisis reinforced the potential of South-South Cooperation and induced the spirit of collective self-reliance.

South-South trade flows have been enhanced tremendously as a consequence of trade liberalization and enhanced connectivity. Intra-South trade is now estimated to be over US $ 4 trillion.

Investment flows to developing countries are on the rise. They account for over 50% of the global Foreign Direct Investment. Almost a third originated from the South.

This dynamism has vastly increased the scope for cooperation among our countries.

Mr. President,

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an inspiring model of South-South cooperation. It will bring huge economic and development benefits not just to our two countries, but the entire region and beyond.

The project forms an important component of President Xi Jinping’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative. We greatly admire the vision underlying this initiative.

This development strategy and framework offers new opportunities for Asia’s transformation and prosperity.

Mr. President,

Pakistan is also extending training and technical support to developing countries, in a number of diverse fields.

Our Specialized Technical Assistance Programme for Africa dates back to 1986. It is an institutionalized and fully funded programme.

Our Foreign Service Academy in Islamabad has been offering training facilities to our friends in Africa, Central Asia and other regions.

Pakistan’s Programme for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Afghanistan was started in 2002 with a financial commitment of 385 million dollars. It was scaled up to 500 million dollars in 2013.

We are actively engaged with regional organizations, including SAARC, ECO, ACD, and the D-8 based on our vision to strengthen regional and economic integration.

Mr. President,

South-South cooperation will remain an essential facet of this partnership.

We need to make use of the South-South potential optimally, within the framework of a long-term vision.

The established principles and provisions of South-South Cooperation should continue to guide this collaborative framework.

Enhanced South-South cooperation in trade, investment, human resource development, technology and financial resource generation is in our interest. This will ensure a prosperous future for our people.

Business and private sectors also have an important role in promoting economic opportunities, innovation and high impact solutions.

Mr. President,

We support integration of South-South and triangular cooperation in the policies and strategic framework of UN Funds and Programmes.

Further strengthening of institutional support from the UN System will help maximize the impact of South-South cooperation.

Such an approach will help sustain our development efforts and ensure enhanced participation of developing countries in the global economy, in conformity with the new Agenda.

I thank you, Mr. President.

27 September 2015

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