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Bids are invited from the interested parties for supply of following goods listed at serial A & B. Separate bids to be submitted for goods at serial A & B. The minimum specifications and quantities of items required are as follows: –


A. Badminton Court Mats with All Accessories      –    Qty 02

  1. a)Tournament Grade
  2. b) Standard Court Size
  3. c) Green Color d) Thickness: 5-6mm
  4. e) Brand: Lining, Yonex or equivalent
  5. f) Laying up and fixing of the courts along with all accessories
  6. g) For inspection of Badminton Court area at Fahiveni Community Centre, Huluhmale’, Mr. Mohamed Nabeel (Cell No. 00960 792 3111 may be contacted).



  1. Badminton Racket (Wind Lite 700, 800, 900) Qty 20

Brand: Li-Ning or equivalent

  1. Badminton Net Qty 05

Brand: Li-Ning or equivalent

  1. T-Shirts (medium adult) Qty 20

Brand: Li-Ning or equivalent

  1. Ace Feather Shuttlecock (sleves) Qty 50

Brand: RSL or equivalent

  1. Racket (Astrox 68s) Qty 03

Brand: Yonex or equivalent

  1. Badminton Racket (Windstorm nano 73) Qty 03

Brand: Li-Ning or equivalent

  1. Replacement Grip (GP18/GP19) Qty 50

Brand: Li-Ning or equivalent


  1. Interested parties should submit their bids to High Commission of Pakistan, G. Helegeli, Lily Magu, Male’ (Republic of Maldives) during office hours latest by
    23June, 2021till 1400 hours.
  2. All the tenders will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to be present at the High Commission of Pakistan, Lily Magu, Male’ (Maldives) the same day on 23 June 2021, at 1430 hours.
  3. The High Commission reserves the right to change/modify specifications / quantity of the items.
  4. The High Commission also reserves the right to accept or reject any tender as per PPRA Rules.



(Zulqurnain Ahmad)

Head of Chancery

Telephone: 3323005    Fax: 3321832





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