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The people of Pakistan are deeply shocked and grieved at the despicable act of terrorism in a Peshawar school this morning. The terrorists have once again shown that they have no regard for human life and no respect for children.

In this hour of grief, our hearts go out to the families of these young children who embraced shahadat today. Such cold blooded cowardly acts cannot weaken the resolve of the people of Pakistan, the Government, and the Armed forces, to combat all terrorists. These terrorists are enemies of Pakistan, enemies of Islam and enemies of humanity.

We pay our homage to our brave soldiers who are engaged in a valiant effort to root out terrorism from the country.
The Pakistani nation stands united in condemning this heinous crime and remains resolute in its commitment to eliminate terrorism from the soil of Pakistan. Success will Inshallah be of our brave and indomitable people.

16th December, 2014

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