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The representative of India has asserted that the question of Jammu & Kashmir is not relevant to this forum. The representative has also made some untenable claims on the issue.

Fundamental rights and the right to self-determination was the cornerstone of the Bandung Declaration. What Pakistan has stated is a fact, that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are still awaiting the fulfillment of their inalienable right to self-determination.

Right to self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir is recognized by UN Security Council resolutions, agreed to by both India and Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir is neither an integral part of India, nor has it ever been. Security Council resolutions recognize Jammu and Kashmir as a disputed territory, and have pronounced that “the final disposition of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be made in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the United Nations” (unquote). That is the legal status, which holds today.

The UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir, accepted by both India and Pakistan, remain to be implemented. People of Jammu and Kashmir have yet to exercise their right to self-determination. This is exactly what Pakistan has said.

Pakistan is ready to discuss the Jammu and Kashmir issue bilaterally with India. However, it is not merely a bilateral matter. It is also an international issue, and is on the agenda of the United Nations”.

24 April 2015

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