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A seminar was held at Al-Azhar University on 3rd April 2013 to commemorate Professor Dr. Amjad Hassan for his services to the promotion of Urdu language in Egypt. Born in 1929 in Pakistan, Dr. Amjad came to Egypt in 1960 to study at Al-Azhar. He later started teaching at Al-Azhar, Ain Shams and Alexandria Universities. In recognition of his invaluable services for the promotion of Urdu language and literature in Egypt, Dr. Amjad Hassan was given the title of Raid-e-Urdu Fil Misre “the Father of Urdu in Egypt” during the seminar. Ambassador Manzoor ul Haq said on the occasion that it was a great honour and recognition of the services of a Pakistani Professor by one of the most respectful Universities in Islamic World.

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