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The Ambassador of Pakistan, Syed Mushtaq Ali Shah, has reaffirmed total support of the Government of Pakistan to the Pakistani crew on board the stranded cargo ship in the Red Sea off Port Tawfik, Egypt. He said that the Embassy continued to provide food, water, medical care and also winter gear to them, in coordination with the Egyptian authorities. Head of Chancery, Farhan Ali, personally delivered 1100 kg of foodstuff, blankets, jackets and heaters to the crew on board the stranded ship. He also apprised them on the efforts undertaken by the Government of Pakistan not only to provide consular, legal and logistic assistance to them but also approaching their employer in The Netherlands and the Head Owner of the ship in Kuwait, besides coordinating with the local lawyer to pursue their case in an Egyptian court of law.

The Captain and the crew deeply appreciated the efforts by the Government of Pakistan and thanked the Embassy for its unremitting efforts to address their grievances, especially in a complex situation, where their employer and the Head Owner of ship were not located in Egypt.

The Captain further asked the Embassy to arrange repatriation of four of the crew members. The Embassy is now completing their port formalities to enable them to return to Pakistan on 05 January 2017 at Government expense.

02 January 2017

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