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High Commissioner of Pakistan Mr. Amir M. Khan held a meeting with Rwanda Minister of Agriculture and Animal Recourses, Dr. Geradine Mukeshimana, on 3rd February 2022. During the meeting, detailed discussions were held on cooperation in the field of Agriculture between the two countries. The Minister for Agriculture said that Pakistan had achieved great success in the field of agriculture. Rwanda was interested in learning from Pakistan’s experiences in the field.

The High Commissioner stated that Pakistan was basically an agricultural country. Pakistan was self-sufficient in various agricultural products, including vegetables, fruits and cereals. Pakistan produced one of the best rice in the world i.e. basmati rice. Pakistani Mangoes and oranges were one of the best in the world. Rwanda business community should explore the Pakistani market and avail the available great opportunities.


High Commission of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,

Kigali, Rwanda

3rd February 2022

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