The Most Venerable Arayawangso, a distinguished Buddhist Monk from Thailand, called on Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood today. During the meeting, the Foreign Secretary dilated upon Pakistan’s Buddhist heritage, Pakistan-Thailand relations over the past several decades, and the importance of strengthening academic and scholarly linkages between the two countries. He highlighted that the government is facilitating religious tourism in Pakistan with the common message of peace, harmony and understanding among all religions.

The Foreign Secretary expressed the hope that the visit will help promote people-to-people contacts and spiritual linkages between Pakistan and Thailand that go back to the ancient times of Gandhara civilization. He added that Pakistan is proud of its multicultural heritage, which has been assiduously preserved and promoted as the shared heritage of mankind.

The Most Venerable Arayawangso expressed thanks for the hospitality extended by the Government of Pakistan and hoped that the visit would encourage tourists from Thailand and other countries to visit Pakistan and study its Buddhist heritage and Gandhara civilization. He also shared his perspective on ways to raise greater awareness about the richness of Pakistan’s cultural heritage and bringing the two peoples closer through academic and scholarly research.

The Most Venerable Arayawangso, along with a 15-member delegation from Thailand, is visiting Pakistan from 28 October-1 November 2019. The delegation will visit Gandhara heritage sites in Pakistan.

Earlier in the day, the Most Venerable Arayawangso and the accompanying delegation called on the President.

29 October, 2019

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