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A tourist bus from Oman to Dubai crashed on Thursday night (6th June, 2019) in Dubai. The cause of the accident was the negligence of the Omani driver who disregarded the warning signs and crashed the bus on the low ceiling bridge. Seventeen people died and nine others were severely injured.

Out of the dead, 2 Pakistani have been identified. One is Shafiq from DG khan. His NOC has been issued and passport also cancelled from Consulate. His body will be transported to Multan by Airblue this evening. Second Pakistani died in the accident is identified as Shehzad Khan son of Sarfraz Khan, his body will be transported to Peshawar after completion of necessary documents. Another Pakistani national, Jamshed Khan had a fracture and left hospital after treatment.

The Consulate General staff was at hospital and at the Police Station and accident site and assisted in the relief of dead and injured.

June 8, 2019

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