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I’m very grateful to Ambassador Rahim for conducting such a prominent webinar today on 5th of February which is the Kashmir Solidarity Day. And, I would also like to extend my thankfulness and graciousness to all the Iran viewership right now and to all the respectable speakers and to the leadership of Iran. Iran has a very rich history and it has owed us a big favor to the people of Jammu and Kashmir by playing a major role in introducing Islam to Jammu and Kashmir and also for transferring its rich culture and heritage, through the Hamdan to the people of Kashmir; the artisans, the craftspersons, the heritage the architecture, the furniture of Kashmir, a lot of it, is greatly influenced by the Iranians.

And, as you all know, that our world human history is well stock with various wars and conflicts, and it is spilled with the blood of innocent people; where defenseless and unarmed people around the world are attacked in wars and where sexual violence is used as the weapon of war, especially for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which happen to be the oldest conflict fighting peacefully for their right to self-determination are facing the worst form of State-sponsored terrorism. We do see acts of violence against people around the world, but mostly they are on individual basis even in war-ravaged areas; whereas, over here, in Jammu and Kashmir, under the Indian occupation, we are facing the worst form of brutality, humiliation, and we are showered and welcomed by pellets, with shooter guns, rape is used as the weapon of war; And, my husband right now, was the top leader of the peaceful political resistance movement of Kashmir, is locked up in Tihar jail, which one of the most notorious jails in the world.

I appeal to my Iranian friends and to all the listeners, that please raise your voice for peace, please raise your voice for humanity, this is the right of every human being on this planet, to be given the right to freedom, and to live with honor, dignity and freedom. Whereas, this is a pipedream for Kashmiri people, we are dying right now in an act of genocide is being committed by India, especially since 5th August 2019.

Kashmiri people are part of the solution, not part of the problem. And; this is the scariest position in the world since a nuclear flashpoint where three countries are at loggerhead and nuclear, China, Indian and of course Pakistan. So, this is not an issue of the region this is a global issue. It is a nuclear flashpoint. We need to join hands together, and raise the voice for the oppressed, and raise a lasting voice for peace. The oldest pending issue in the UN is of Kashmir, is a legitimate struggle for the right to self-determination. Support us, support my husband, support the oppressed people. We are waiting for your voices to echo in the global world. Thank you.

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