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Don’t travel to Niger due to sudden boom in Terrorism.

Terrorist groups continue plotting kidnappings and possible attacks in Niger. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting foreign and local government facilities and areas frequented by foreigner. Terrorists operate in the areas bordering Mali, Libya, Burkina Faso, and throughout northern Niger. Avoid travel to Niger’s border regions, particularly the Malian border area, Diffa region, and the Lake Chad region. Mali-based extremist groups have crossed the border and conducted multiple lethal attacks on Nigerien security forces and civilian in recent weeks just few dozen km’s away from the capital.

The Pakistan Embassy has limited ability to provide emergency services to Pakistani citizens in remote and rural areas as Pakistan Embassy employees must obtain special authorization to travel outside of the capital, Niamey, due to security concerns. Outside of Niamey, all Pakistani Embassy personnel are required to travel only during daylight hours and in a minimum of a two-vehicle convoy accompanied by armed Nigerien government security escorts.

Keeping in view, the deteriorating security situation in Niger. It is strongly recommended that Pakistani travelers may cancel their visit to Niger.


Travel Advisory Levels

1- Exercise normal precautions

2- Exercise  increased precautions

3- Reconsider Travel

4- Do not travel





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