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Two special flights arriving from Tripoli at Lahore, on September 13 & 14, 2014 brought back 525 stranded Pakistanis in Libya. This brings the total number of special flights operated thus far to 9 and the total number of Pakistanis airlifted from the security challenged country to 2510. Out of these, 3 flights were operated by PIA, while the other 6 were chartered from Air Libya.

Meanwhile, the number of Pakistanis that have been evacuated through land routes from bordering countries has reached 2700. This brings the overall figure of stranded Pakistanis who have been successfully evacuated from Libya to 5210.

Over 800 destitute Pakistanis are still being sustained in the relief camps, set up by Pakistan Embassy, waiting to be brought back to the homeland in the coming days. Additional special flights are, accordingly, being planned.

Besides the evacuation mission being undertaken by the Pakistan Embassy in Tripoli, all efforts are also being made to ensure the release of detained Pakistanis in Libya. Out of 300 detainees, release of 226 detainees has been already effected, while the release of the remaining prisoners is being pursued vigorously.

15th September 2014

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