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United States’ Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called on the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar, today.

The Minister of State welcomed the Congresswoman on her first visit to Pakistan and underscored that Pakistan and the United States had a longstanding and broad-based relationship and that sustained engagement between the two countries was vital to promote peace, development, and security in the region and beyond.

The Minister of State urged constructive engagement of the international community to avert the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of the U.S. Forces on August 15, 2021 and underscored the need to deepen engagement to promote peace, and stability in Afghanistan. She stressed the need to keep the interests of the most vulnerable segments of society into consideration.

The Minister of State appreciated the strong voice that Congresswoman Ilhan has raised against Indian atrocities in IIOJK and for the people of Palestine. She underscored that in today’s environment, it was important to stand up for universal values and human rights and let that not be clouded by geo-political interests.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar thanked the Minister of State for the hospitality extended to the delegation during their visit. Acknowledging the importance of Pakistan-US bilateral relations, Congresswoman Omar agreed that historically, both Pakistan and the United States have benefited whenever the two countries worked together and promised to further cement these ties.

20 April 2022

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