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The Government of Pakistan has made its position clear that drone strikes constituted a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, violative of international humanitarian laws, besides being counter-productive to Pakistan’s efforts to bring peace and stability in Pakistan and the region.

In accordance with our publicly stated, consistent policy, Pakistan has condemned drone strikes whenever they have taken place, including the two recent drone attacks that took place on Thursday and Friday.

The Government of Pakistan has been raising its concern over the drone strikes with the US Administration and at the United Nations. The Prime Minister during his recent visit to the US had raised the issue with President Obama and other senior US leaders.

The latest drone strike will have a negative impact on the Government’s initiative to undertake a dialogue with the TTP. The Government, however, is determined to continue with these efforts to engage with the TTP, to bring an end to the ongoing violence and make them a part of mainstream politics within the parameters of our constitution.

In order to register our concerns, the US Ambassador was called to the Foreign Office by the Foreign Secretary to register our protest over the recent drone attacks.

It has also been decided to instruct our Ambassadors in the Capitals of the P-5 member states to call at an appropriate level to brief the host Governments on our concerns, with specific reference to the setback caused to the Government’s peace process initiative by the latest drone attack.

02 November 2013

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