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Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stressed “a peaceful, stable, prosperous Afghanistan is a priority for Pakistan” when US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West called on him today in New York.

The Foreign Minister stressed the significance of continuing international engagement with the interim Afghan government for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and beyond.

The Foreign Minister highlighed Pakistan’s facilitative efforts in building regional consensus on the way forward in Afghanistan, including through the Extended Troika mechanism.

He also highlighted various steps taken by Pakistan to support bilateral engagements with Afghanistan, as well as extensive facilitation of international humanitarian assistance.

Referring to humanitarian prospects in Afghanistan, which United Nations and international agencies warn will deteriorate further in impending winters, the Foreign Minister stressed that such a scenario could result in mass refugee exodus and provide fertile ground for exploitation by terrorists/ extremists, with regional and international implications.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West appreciated Pakistan’s efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan, and in facilitation of evacuations.

The two sides acknowledged the need for continued cooperation on the shared objectives of sustained efforts and engagement of the international community to alleviate the sufferings of the Afghan people and promote regional peace and stability.

19 September 2022

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